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Why the sale value of my ‘Day End Report’ not matching with the ‘Sale Value’ showing in the Stock Statement?


In order to understand this, you need to understand the working of the following reports. There are some fundamental differences present between these reports.

How Day End Report Works?

  • Day End Report shows net Sale Value.
  • Net Sale Value = Item Value – Product Discount  +  Tax  with
    • Add (+) Other Charges (if any) bill wise
    • Less (-) Bill Discount (if any) bill wise
    • Add (+ or -) Round off (if any)

How The Stock Statement Works?

It shows Sale Value = Product Value with

  • No Discount
  • No Tax (if exclusive)
  • No other charges,
  • No bill discount or round off.


Also there are some options available in stock statement

  • Valuation Method
    • Actual Rate = this is based on the actual rates (Sale price or MRP or Cost price as per the Valuation Rate Chosen) of each ProductChild of the product.
    • Average Rate = It will calculate Average Rates of all the ProductChild of the product.
    • Last Rate = It will pick the Rate from last product child.(not on last date)
  • Valuation Rate
    • Select any one from the Options containing Cost Price, Purchase Price and MRP.

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