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How to search a customer by a phone number?

Efficiently Using the List Function:  In the List, you can locate a data row by typing the initial characters of the values contained in this row.

To locate the nearest row that contains a specific value in a specific column, do the following:

  • Focus any cell in the column, against which a search will be performed.
  • Type the initial character(s) of the value to be located. The nearest row that contains the specified value in the focused column will be located.
  • To proceed with the search in the forward direction, press Ctrl + Down Arrow
  • To proceed with the search in the backward direction, press Ctrl + Up Arrow
  • To erase the previously typed characters in the search string, press BACKSPACE.
  • Use Ctrl + End – to go to end of the list
  • Use Ctrl + Home – to go to the top of the list
  • Use Page Up and Page down to move to next set of data
  • In multi column list like account master – use arrows to move right and left.
  • Once you are on the desired data – press enter to select it.
  • You can also click from mouse to select the data.
  • Press Ctrl + F3 to start the dynamic search. Start your search with % for dynamic search.


Customizing the List:

  • Go to the List Editor  (Main Menu > S > A > L)
  • Select the customer list and make sure that the phone number column is present. 

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