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Product Vs Customer Sale Report along with customer address, telephone and mobile number.


This will help to know customers interest and preferences, so that you can call them or send email whenever new stock comes into the market. It will enable to boost your sales.


    1. From main go to the Sale Register (S > R > S)
    2. Press ALT+V to see report in Product View
    3. Press ALT+F3 to get Column Chooser
    4. Get the following columns from the Column Chooser;
      • Customer Name = for customer name
      • Cust Add1 = for customer address detail
      • Cust Add2 = for customer address detail
      • Cust Add3 = for customer address detail
      • Cust Phone = for customers phone number
      • Cust Mobile = for customers mobile number

5. Now set the columns as shown in the picture below

6. Then save the report view by pressing F10 or clicking “F10 Save View” button.

Product Vs Customer



If you did not find above fields in the Column Chooser then press ALT+F5 or click button "-F5 Ex Cols" and remove the fields from the Exclude Column list and then click OK.

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