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How many times a particular sale receipt has been printed at point of sale?

The receipt re-print function is fully secured and controlled by designation master. You can completely block the re-print option to prevent the frauds arising out of it. However in some scenario you may need to give the right to some users.

The “no of print” column in the Sale Register shows the number of time a particular receipt has been printed. This can act as addition control system to keep a check on no of prints.

Steps: Generating Sale report containing “No of Print” Column

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Sale Register (S>R>S).
  2. Press ‘Alt + F3’ to open column chooser.
  3. Choose “No of Print” from the “Column Chooser” list.

Smart Tip: Press ‘F10’ to save the view for future use. Press ‘F9’ to open the saved view. If you want to set this view as default then press ‘F7’.

Sale Register with Number of Print Column

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