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Is it possible to generate a report for a specific time range in a day?

Scenario1: I have to run my restaurant overnight, from 10:00 AM of day 1 to 02:00 AM of day2. Now, how to check the report of that particular time period to generate my ‘daily’ sale report.

Scenario2: While trying to find out a particular voucher from the sales register in a day the software returns all the vouchers created in that particular day. Is it possible to fix a time range so that we can reduce the number of vouchers displayed in the report page?


Please follow the steps given below,



  • Time Range for Reports:

The time range will be in 12 Hrs or 24 Hrs format based on the Regional Settings.
For 12 Hrs default will be 12.00 AM to 11.59 PM
For 24 Hrs default will be 00.00 to 23.59

Once you enter the value, it will be saved for future use.

  • General Information:

12 AM = 12 Midnight (Start of a new day)
12 PM = 12 Afternoon 

  • Shortcut for "Time Range" is "Alt + T" and for "Predefined Range" it is "Alt + P"
  • Shortcut for All Predefined Ranges starting from "F1"......"F12"
  • Now reports are dependent on date range as well as on time range. If we do not give time range for entire day, some transaction will not reflect in reports which are out of given time range.

If we use 24 hr format for entire day Report, Time range should be 00.00AM to 23.59PM

For 12 hrs format it should be 00.00AM to 11.59PM



Previously to check the sale report of 01-04-2012, you are using the following steps,

  • Open sale report
  • Set ‘From = 01-04-2012’
  • Set ‘To = 01-04-2012’
  • Enter

Software was generating complete reports of 01-04-2012 (From 00:00 Hrs to 23:59 Hrs)


Now, we have to use the following steps to generate a complete day report,

  • Open sale report
  • Set ‘From = 01-04-2012’
  • Set ‘To = 01-04-2012’
  • Press ‘Alt + T’
  • In time range set ‘From = 00:00 To =23:59’
  • Enter 

Software was generating complete reports of 01-04-2012 (From 00:00 Hrs to 23:59 Hrs)


You don’t have to reset this time range every time you wish to check a report. After setting a time range that will be saved for every report in the software until you change it manually.

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