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Is it possible to generate a report according to different Table layout names?

Scenario: I have a restaurant with 3 floors. For every floor I have created separate types of Table Layouts according to the sitting arrangement. To have a more detailed report I need the Table Layout name in the sale register report.

Answer: Please use the following steps to generate the report.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Sale Register (S > R > S)
  2. Press ‘Alt + V’. It will open product wise report.
  3. Press ‘Alt + F3’. It will open Column Chooser.
  4. Double Click the ‘Layout’ column from the column chooser list, the column will be automatically added in the report.
  5. Press ‘F10’
  6. Enter a proper name and save the report format for future use.


Note: You can also find the ‘Layout’ column in KOT Analysis & Void Item Analysis


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