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Is it possible to swap the bill / memo content between two bills?

Yes you can easily exchange the bill / memo content of two bills. Please use the following steps:

    1. From main menu go to the Sale Register (S> R> S)
    2. Press ALT + P or click "–P Payment" button
    3. Select 2 bills / memos using CTRL key and mouse click
    4. Press CTRL + S or click "^S Swap Vch" button
    5. It will give a message of successful swapping
    6. Reopen the Sale Register (S> R> S)
    7. You will find the changes as shown in the picture below:


Sale Register before Swap:

Before Swap

Image Summary: Selecting bill no.12/42 of Allan Border and 12/51 of Diego Roel using CTRL key and mouse click.

Sale Register after Swap:

After Swap

Image Summary: Only bill number and date exchanged between two transactions, where other details remain same.


Tags: Report, Sale Register

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