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How to manage area wise minimum billing amount and delivery charges for the Home Delivery transaction?

Step 1: Set the following in the Locality Master:

  1. Min Bill Amt = 1000.00 (order below Rs.1000.00 may not be allowed for that locality)
  2. Delivery Charges = 50.00 (extra charge will be added to the bill amount as Other Charges for that locality)
  3. Distance = 10 (set distance in Kms for that locality)
  4. Estimated Delivery Time (Min) = 15 (Set estimated time of delivery for this locality in minutes)
Locality wise charges

Step 2: Set the followings in the Sales Option:

  • Check Min Bill Amount in HD:
    • No: Doesn’t check minimum amount as set in Step 1.
    • Yes: Block order less than the minimum amount as set in Step 1.
    • Ask: Check then asks you if amount less than minimum bill amount is allowed.
  • Apply Delivery Charges in HD:
    • No: Doesn’t apply delivery charges as set in Step 1.
    • Yes: Add delivery charges to the bill amount.
    • Ask: Ask you whether to add delivery charges or not.

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