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How can I create a Customer from the Home Delivery screen and how it works in multi-location setup?


RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 has introduced a new feature by which you can create customers from the Home Delivery Screen now. The steps given below explain the process.

Assuming the Home Delivery mode is active…

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S > T > T)
  2. Press F3.
  3. You can see the Customer Master screen has opened.
  4. Create Customer.
  5. Save.


In case of Home Delivery:

  • No customer create/modify option is available from 'Advance Customer Detail' screen in Branch location.
  • In branch, only 'Select Customer' option is available, using mobile number search.  
  • A new button has been added as "F3 Create Cust". This button will drive you to the original Customer Creation screen. Create/Modify customer details from this screen using IM/Offline, then get back and select updated customer from the list.
  • In case of Advance Customer' (non Home Delivery) no button is available to create customer. Alternatively select List/Numpad for customer selection. 

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