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How to use our existing privilege (loyalty) cards as prepaid card in Scan POS and Touch POS?

We want to use our existing privilege (loyalty) cards as prepaid card whereby card owners can

  • Charge (fill) their cards
  • Use filled card as prepaid card to make purchases
  • Customer without cards can make purchases without the card paying in cash or credit card
  • Earn points on their transactions


Fundamentals of Prepaid System in FusionRetail 6Prepaid is a pre defined Mode of Payment which can be used in a similar fashion as other MOP like cash, credit card etc are used.

 There are two ways you can setup the prepaid system in Sales Invoice

1. If you set “Activate Prepaid System = Yes” in Sales Transaction Option then

  • only prepaid will be used to make sales
  • it will start quick mode operation by default
  • you will be asked to select the card before making sale
  • the sale amount must be < card balance amount
  • the balance is check in real time while you select the item
  • no tender screen will be shown
  • the same amount will be deducted from the card balance amount
  • points will be awarded based on the MOP Master  “Is CRM points calculation Reqd = Yes”


2. If you want to use multiple mode of payment then set ““Activate Prepaid System = No” in Sales Transaction Option.

  • select  Prepaid in the Mode Of Payment =  list in Sale Options
  • this will not check for the card at starting, however
  • Prepaid MOP will only be shown in the tender screen if the customer is selected and the card has got some balance
  • you need to select Prepaid MOP to make sale against the prepaid card
  • you can make sale by accepting cash, credit card etc.
  • this works in Scan POS as well as in Touch POS (both table and quick mode)
  • the magnetic strip cards coded as '+100100' for Scan POS can also be used be used at Touch POS.



Prepaid Transaction in Multilocation

FAQ : If a customer charges his card (Prepaid/Privilege) at one location then will he be able to redeem the value at other location in multi location operations?

Answer:  Yes.  The customer can redeem the value at any location.  But you have to make sure the following

  • Internet should work at all the location without downtime
  • Downtime of internet can create problem in operation as data is exchanged via internet
  • Please consult one of our support executive before you start prepaid in multi location mode

FAQ :  Do prepaid card transaction earn points to customer if proper settings are done?

Answer: Yes. Prepaid card transaction earns point if you set “Is CRM points calculation Reqd = Yes” in Mode of Payment master (Main > M A M)


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