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Is it Possible Import purchase from Excel File?


Yes, now you can import purchase from excel file. To implement this feature please use the following steps…

Step1. Creating the Excel file to import as Purchase

  1. Create an Excel file with the following columns.
Account Supplier’s account name
Account Group Name Group Name of Supplier’s account
Brand Brand name of the product
Department Department name of the product
Due Dt Purchase Due date
Field1 to Field 6 Matrix fields for size, color, design etc.
Location Location name
Matrix Name Name of the matrix
MRP MRP(Maximum retail Price) of the product
Narration Narration of the transaction
Other Chgs Other charges
Other Disc Other discount
PM Field 1 to PM Field 10 User Defined Field for product master
Print Name Print name of the Product
Product Group Name Product Group Name
Product Name Product Name
Product Child ID Child ID of the Product
Product ID Product ID
Purchase Rate Purchase Rate
Qty Quantity of product
R/O Round off amount
Ref Purchase reference (as bill number)
Ref Date Purchase Reference date
Sale Rate Sale Rate
Sub Group Product’s Sub Group
Tax at Purchase Tax at Purchase
Tax at Sale Tax at Sale
Tax Name Name of the Tax
Tax Value Value of the tax
UDF1 to UDF10 User Defined Field for Transactions
Unit name Unit Name of the product
UPC/EAN Universal Code of products
User defined Code User Defined Code of the products
Vch Date Voucher date of the product
Warehouse Name Warehouse name, for which you are creating stock journal import.

Step2: Importing the Purchase from Excel file

  1. Now Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data(T> I> I)
  2. Set “Import As= Purchase”
  3. Select file Type and provide other details
  4. Select the Excel file in File Name filed
  5. Map all the columns properly
  6. Press Alt + I or use “– I Import” button, this will start the import process.


  •  New Product will be created from here if the product is not already present in the software.


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