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It should not print void items of Touch POS transaction in windows print

  • From main go to the Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S>T>T)
  • Open a table and select some items then leave from the table
  • Open that table again and void few items then finish the transaction
  • Now it will print zero rated void items also if use A4 size print format.
In order to stop printing of void items please follow the steps as given below;
  • From main go to the Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S>T>T)
  • Press “D” or click on “D Display”
  • Press “C” or click on “C Disp Close”
  • Select any transaction row
  • Press “P” or click on “P Print Bill” to get the print preview
  • In the top header row click on “Change” icon as shown in the picture below;
Change Designer
  • Now you will get Preview Designer screen
  • In this screen click on “Detail” field as shown in the picture below;
Detail Designer
  • Then click on the “Scripts” field
  • In scripts screen select Detail Detail and Before Print as shown in the picture below;
  • In Scripts type the followings between the line "Private Sub Detail_BeforePrint(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs)" and "End Sub" as shown in the picture below;
If GetCurrentColumnValue("CancellationReasonID") > 1 Then
e.Cancel = True
End If
Script Designer
  • Click on “Save” icon to save the changes as shown in the picture below;
Save Designer
  • Before use above functionality you must erase all of the fields related to the item serial number else it will print unorganised serial number. 
  • These changes will effect only on the format file selected in Window Print Option of Sale Invoice.
  • If you want to change in any other format file then please set that file in Window Print Option first then follow the aforesaid steps.
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