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Know the available stock at Touch POS to restrict excess order

To avoid any discrepancies related to availability of items between operator, customer and production or delivery counter. It shows the available stock and also restricts the operator from taking order for out of stock items.


Step 1: Enable "Check Max Stock Qty"
    1. Go to Main > S T  S > Sale Invoice (Scan POS)
    2. Press Alt +O
    3. Set “Check Max Stock Qty = Yes”
    4. Press Alt + S to save the changes.


Step 2:

    1. Go to Main > M F M > Menu Management
    2. Open the menu for which you want to check and show available item quantity
    3. In the menu management you will get a column named “Chk Stk” on top header row of item selection field
    4. Set Yes for the items which required stock checking
    5. Press Alt + S to save. 
    6. Now check Sale Invoice (Touch POS) 
    7. The available quantity will be showing with individual items as shown in the picture below.
    8. It will not allow to sale more than available quantity. 

Check Item Quantity in Restaurant POS



  • The stock calculation is based on Location and Warehouse.
  • For the item being void, the stock of the VOID item is based on "Reduce Inventory" option in Cancellation Reason.
  • The stock is affected after saving (Leave or Tender).
  • The stock check is not available for the items used in forced question.
  • The stock check is not available for the item used as modifier.



    • The Check Qty function requires calculating the stock every time you save the data.
    • This might slow down your sale process. You might need to upgrade your HW for a better performance.
    • It is recommended that you set "Check Max Stock Qty = No" in sale option, if you do not need the Touch POS stock checking function.

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