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Customer creation via Home delivery is very convenient. Is it possible to maintain the same process in Table Mode?

Scenario: We can create new customer by using their mobile numbers, in Home delivery screen. This option is very useful as it also shows the last transaction details of the customer. Is it possible to maintain the same process in Table Mode?

Answer: Yes, now you can create customer in table mode as you were used to create in Home Delivery Screen.

NOTE: If you are using Multilocation setting you have to follow all the steps mentioned below. But, if you are using single location setting escape “Changes In HO”. 

Changes in HO

  • Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master(M> O> C)
  • Press Alt + G (or use “–G Gen. Cards”)
  • Generate customer cards in a specific range for each branch (e.g. 000002 to 010000 for Branch1, 010001 to 020000 for Branch2 etc.)
    • Enter “Starting Serial”
    • Enter “Ending Serial”
    • Select “Location”, from list, for which you want to generate customer cards.
  • Press “Alt + G”
  • The generated cards will automatically travel to respective branches via FTP. (Or you have to transfer it manually if you are using offline data transfer)


In Branch

Step1:  Making the new setting

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS) (S > T >S)
  2. Press ‘Alt + O’
  3. Go to ‘Menu’ field
  4. Press Enter, a list will appear.
  5. Enter details for ‘Effective Date’, ‘Effective Time’, ‘Layout’ and ‘Menu’.
  6. In ‘Customer’ field select ‘Home Delivery’ from the list.
  7. Save

Step2: Checking the effect

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S > T > T) 
  2. Click on a Table to open it
  3. Software will automatically open customer creation screen (as available in Home Delivery Mode)
  4. Enter mobile number and continue.


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