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I have a fast food outlet selling few items. Can you tell me an efficient way of fast food billing?


  1. I have a fast food outlet with few items
  2. I do not want to invest in touch screen monitors /POS.
  3. My operators remember the code of items since I deal in very few items
  4. People come to the counter and order
  5. Coupon for different delivery counters along with bill  needs to be printed
  6. The system needs to be really very very fast to handle so much of rush
  7. Most of the people pay in cash.



  • Go to sale option and set the following
  • Skip Tender Screen = Yes
  • Type of Operation (module) = Quick Mode
  • Prompt for Register Mode  = Yes

  • Now at the order screen use the following
  • Press + to invoke or close the Register Mode
  • Use Qty * Code format to enter the order
  • Example 4 nos of samosa with a code of 2 can be entered as 4*2
  • Now just press Enter to finish the bill and printout


Note: If the tender is set to skip then bill is made and printout will come.


Click here for more info on the F&B billing.

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