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Is it possible to print the KOT after pressing the Finish button?


Software is printing KOT whenever we press the tender button in Touch POS, but we are using the following steps for billing.

  1. Customer ordered one Pizza and Juice Large, when clicked tender KOT comes out.
  2. As soon as tender clicked it will display total amount in Pole Display.
  3. Customer decided to go with Juice Small instead of Juice Large.
  4. User came back to the order screen and changed the item,
  5. When pressed tender another KOT will be printed.

Should the chef have to prepare the items in both KOT? In quick mode KOT should print only after the transaction is finished.


KOT always get printed before tendering the bill. Howerver you can use the following steps to manage the process at your end,

Step1: Create a cancellation reason

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > F&B  > Cancellation Reason (M>F>C)
  2. Type ‘Cancelled’
  3. Set ‘Reduce Inventory = No’
  4. Set ‘Print on Receipt = No’
  5. Set ’Print KOT = Yes’
  6. Save

 Step2: Setting the options for KOT printing

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS)(S>T>S)
  2. Alt + R
  3. Set ‘Memo ID on KOT = No’
  4. Set ‘KOT Number on Bill = Yes’
  5. Save

 Step3: Creating entry in Touch POS (Assuming that you are using Quick Mode)

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S>T>T)
  2. Select items
  3. Press Tender button (it will print KOT)
  4. Now if you want to remove one item press ‘L Leave’ button
  5. Select that item
  6. Press Delete button from the keyboard
  7. Select ‘Cancelled’ as cancellation reason from the list
  8. Press Tender button (it will print a new KOT with the same bill number on it and will be marked as ‘Cancelled’. Seeing that KOT chef will stop making that item).
  9. Press ‘Finish’ button and get the print out.

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