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Is it possible to update the sale date in bulk for my restaurant sales?


  • The date in the server PC was wrong and all the entries created through the nodes gone in wrong date. Now I need to update them.
  • Accidentally my database went into DEMO mode and all the transaction created was in 1-May-10. Now I need to update them.

Now you can update transaction date in just one go. Bulk update of date is only available for restaurant (TOUCH POS). Please use the following steps to implement this feature...


  1. Go to Main Menu > Restaurant > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S> T> T).
  2. Use F2 button to change the date range
  3. Select memo numbers with the use of mouse or by using Sift + Down Arrow keys.
  4. Press 'U' or you can use "U Change Date" button
  5. This will ask for a Date to Modify.
  6. Enter a valid date
  7. This will ask you for confirmation, select 'Yes' if you want to change date or select 'No' if you don't.


  • Only closed transaction can be modified.
  • You can also modify other Location's Data by using this method if "Modify Other Location data = Yes" in Global Option
  • Modifying Date means only Voucher Date.


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