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How to implement Split Bill functionality in FusionRetail 6?


Now you can split a single bill up to 10 separate bills. To implement and use this feature please use the following steps…

Step 1: Creating an order in Touch POS

Step 2: Using the Split Option

  • Again open that table
  • Press ‘Y’ from the key board (or you may use ‘Y Split Check’ button available on the screen).
  • It will open a Split bill window with 4 default split panels. All the items will be available in the left most panel with header Split # 1
  • To split the bill, select one item (which you want to separate from the bill to another bill) in the left most bill with header Split # 1
  • Click on panel with ‘Split # 2’ header, the selected item in Split # 1 panel will be deleted from Split # 1 and will be available in Split # 2 panel.
  • Repeat this process for whichever item you need. You can use 10 split panels from Split # 1 to Split # 10
  • You can also use the Move button available on the screen to move the selected item in any split panel. To do that use the following steps…
    • Select the item in Split # 1 panel
    • Click on the Move button, it will open a list of Split panels
    • Select a split panel name from the list the item will automatically move to that table
    • To remove the split actions use the Clear button (it will work until you leave that screen, after leaving the split screen Clear button will not work).
    • Leave
  • After leaving the split panel you can find the number of split bill on the table

Step 3: Printing the Split Bill

  1. Now if you click on a table with split bill, it will always open with the split bill panel/screen, please note that in every split panel (created by you) there is a temporary bill number. FusionRetail 6 will use this bill number to keep tracking on that splitted bill and its other transactions.
  2. To open a splitted bill, click on ‘-- Click To Use --‘ (or you may use ‘O open’ button, it will open a list of split panels, select the desired one and then click on OK button)
  3. System will treat this splitted bill as a table.You can add or void items, you can add modifiers etc.
  4. Tender
  5. Finish
  6. After finishing a split bill, system will automatically replace the temporary bill id with the next available bill number.


  • Split Means Divide a Table transaction into Multiple Transaction.
  • You Can Split bill up to 10 separate transaction.
  • For Split you need to create a Transaction First. i.e : at Order Screen Take Order and leave then you can able to take that table Split.
  • After Open the Split window, Select the Product and Move to Desire Split Panel.
  • Modifier can only moved with Product.
  • Split Window only shows Qty and Name.
  • After moving Item, Save that Split.
  • Once a Table is Splited then that table will be Open via "Split panels"
  • At Display and Report All Splited Transaction Under a table showing separately but open into a Same "Split Window" 
  • Any haphazard Split will be Re-organized after Split. Ex : Put Data into Split 1 ,Split 3 and Split 5. after Split Save this will show Split 1,Split 2 and Split 3
  • To Open a Particular Transaction from Split Window Click on the Top of the Split Panel (The Green Area)


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