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Why the following information are missing in the sale bill, while I am printing the bill from tender screen (in Touch POS) by using ‘P Print Bill’ button?

Information not printing from The Tender Screen when we Use ‘P Print Bill’ button are…

  1. Customer earned & Total Point.
  2. Tender & Return amount.
  3. Net Savings on Bill
  4. MOP Detail
  5. Exchange Total


You can use ‘P Print Bill’ Button in Touch POS, while you are using Table Mode and the Customer, sitting on the Table is asking for Bill. Here you should note the following issues carefully that…

  • You are using ‘P Print Bill’ button in tender screen before finishing the transaction
  • Data is being saved in FusionRetail6 only after finishing the table.

All the issues mentioned above are possible only after finishing the transaction. So before completing the transaction it is not possible to print those fields in the bill.

Exchange is not possible in Restaurants. For that very reason Exchange total is not getting printed in Restaurant Bills.


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