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What is the function of Search Table button in Restaurant Sale?


  1. Search Table is used when you do not know which customer is seated where (used often in bar & pub where customer does not sit on a particular table). If the customer is known then order is “Tagged” afterhis/her name.
  2. If the customer is unknown then the bartender keeps the customer's credit card for security and tags the order with predefined tags.
  3. Tagging is also used by the take away orders. Customer calls and places the order. The phone number is generally tagged against the order. When customer arrives to take the delivery, the order is searched by the tag. In that case, you may tag any open table by adding some comments or a customer to it. This helps to find out which customer is seated on which table. If the restaurant is big or spread on 2-3 floors, the "Table Name – Tag – Customer Name" will be displayed. Double click any one to directly open the table & punch the order.


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