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How to implement multi-currency tender in sale transaction?


New functionality added in FusionRetail 6. Now you can tender in multiple currency simultaneously. To implement this feature please use the following steps…

Step 1: Creating a new MOP for other currency


  • Enter exchange rate of that particular currency in ‘Exchange Rate’ field
  • Provide other details and save


Step2: Creating transaction in other currency MOP (Scan POS)


  • It will fill the Foreign Currency MOP field with amount, after converting them according to the exchange rate.


  • Again press F10 to finish the transaction
  • In MOP detail of the bill it prints the details


Step3: Viewing the report


  • Press Alt + a (or you can use ‘–A Analysis’ button)


Step4: What is happening in voucher level entry?

  • If you open any sale voucher, which have foreign currency MOP entry you can find the following details.


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