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Is it possible to display the details of Product Childs at the time of making a sale transaction?

Scenario: It is important to see the matrix details, attached schemes etc of the product child, while scanning the product barcode. How can we do this using RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6?


RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 has introduced a new feature by which we can see matrix details during making a sale transaction. Please follow the instructions given below to implement the task.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transactions > Sale Invoice (Scan POS) (S > T > S)
  2. Scan a product barcode.
  3. Press Ctrl + F11 (or you can also use the ‘^F11 All Column’ button)
  4. A new screen opens up displaying detailed data from all the columns within the sale voucher.


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