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How to set the credit limit of the customer so that the system stops selling more than the limit set?


You can allow credit sale and also can check the credit limit during sale, in FusionRetail6. Please check the following steps...


  1. Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master(M> O> C)
  2. Select the customer from the list or create new
  3. Set “Allow Credit Sale=Yes
  4. In “Account” field press CTRL + N
  5. Select account name from the list or create new
  6. Set “Group Name = Sundry Debtors
  7. In Credit Limit enter the desired credit limit
  8. Save
  9. Esc
  10. Save Customer master



  1. Go to  Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS) (S> T> S)
  2. Alt+ O (or use "-O opt voucher" button)
  3. Set "Check limit on credit sale = Stop" (Default is “No”, you can also use "Warn")
  4. Save 

Note: Please enter a non-zero value in credit limit field to enable system to help you choose credit sale as MOP

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