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How to preview a sale bill in A4 sized format?


This issue is little bit confusing to me. Which preview are you talking about?

  • If you are using Sale preview of A4 sized bill, then open the sale memo and again save it. It will automatically generate the print preview.
  • If you are talking about the Sale register, then go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Sale Register(S>R>S) and open the report.
  • If you want to see the Sale bill preview after every sale, please use the following steps…
  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS)(S>T>S)
  2. Press Alt + O (open options)
  3. Set “Select type of Printing=Window
  4. Set “Auto Preview after Save (POS)=Yes
  5. Save
  6. Press Alt + W (open window print setting option)
  7. In Format Files field Select a suitable format file from the list mentioned below
    1. Saleinvoice.repx
    2. Saleinvoice_HalfPage.repx
    3. Saleinvoice_MU.repx
    4. Saleinvoice_RateWithoutTax.repx
    5. Saleinvoice_TaxAnalysis.repx
    6. Saleinvoice_WithVatAnalysis.repx
  8. Save
  9. Now after every sale it will automatically show you the sale bill preview in A4 format.

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