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How to setup a system in which we can receive discount coupons from customers to provide services?




Scenario: How to setup a system in which we can receive discount coupons from customers (provided by one of our partners with whom we had tied up) to provide services?

You can easily maintain this kind of transactions in Fusionretail6. Please use the following steps…

Step1: Create Different account for different partners

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data management > Account Ledger(M> A> A)
  2. Create a new account as ‘Pizza Hut Acc
  3. Set ‘Group Name  = Cash-In-Hand
  4. Enter other details
  5. Save


Step2: Create different MOP (Mode Of Payment)

  1. Go to Menu > Master Data Management > Accounts > Mode of Payment (M> A> M)
  2. Create a new MOP as ‘Pizza Hut MOP’
  3. Set “Type = Cash
  4. Press Alt + L in Account Field
  5. Select ‘Pizza Hut Acc’ from the list
  6. Enter other details
  7. Save


 Step3: Add the MOP in Transaction Option

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Sales Invoice (POS)(S> T> S)
  2. Alt + O
  3. Select newly created MOP in Mode Of Payment field (as Pizza Hut Mop here)

Step4: Tendering the transaction

  1. Go to Tender Screen 
  2. The amount will be selected in CASH MOP
  3. Press ‘Delete’ button from your keyboard it will delete the amount from the CASH MOP 
  4. In Pizza hut MOP enter the Discounted Coupon Amount (E.g. Rs 250/-)
  5. Go to CASH MOP
  6. Press Insert button from your keyboard, it will automatically calculate the balance amount.
  7. Finish the transaction (or Save if you are using Scan POS module)


Step5: Viewing the Report1

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Sale Register(S> R> S)
  2. Alt + p (or you can use “–P Payment” button)
  3. Now you can see a report with all the MOPs arrange the report as per your requirement.


 Step6: Viewing the Report2


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