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Can I save Location and Date Range in default view?

For example

  1. I want to see purchase register for 1.4.2009 to 20.4.2009 every time  I open the report
  2. I want to see a particular location wise or warehouse wise sale register by default.
  3. By default I want to see sale register of branch location. While I need the purchase register for Root location by default.

Ans: No. You cannot save location, warehouse and date range in the default view.

How the default view works?

  1. When you save a view it just save the layout of the report.
  2. It does not save the date range. Every time you run the report it will read the data in the current date range available.
  3. It does not save the location and warehouse selection.
  4. It creates a physical file in \\server\fr6share\layout folder for each default view you create. 

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