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Is it possible to print barcode labels directly from the purchase screen?


Now you can print product barcodes directly from the purchase screen. Select particular product and print barcodes of specific numbers from the purchase screen. Please follow the instructions to accomplish the task.

  • Open it.
  • Click on the Filter button by the side of Product Name header.
  • Select the particular product from the list.
  • Click Apply button.

  • Press Ctrl + B.
  • It will open barcode preview screen (if you are using window mode barcode printing).
  • Select barcode labels
  • Click the Print button.

Note: If you are using DOS mode barcode printing the above mentioned process will not open any barcode preview window. Instead it will print all the barcodes of the selected rows directly.


This option is also available in the following screens…

  1. Opening Stock entry (Main Menu > Master Data Management > Inventory > Opening Stock (M>I> O))
  2. Stock Journal entry (Main Menu > Warehouse Management > Transaction > Stock Journal (W>T>S))


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