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How do I view Principal Company in Reports?

Answer: You can find “Principal Company” in the “Product wise view” of the following reports, as…

  1. Purchase Order Register
  2. Purchase Register
  3. Purchase Return Register
  4. Opening Stock Register
  5. Stock Ledger
  6. Transfer Register
  7. Stock Journal Register
  8. Stock Register
  9. Physical Stock Report

To see the Principal Company field in the above mentioned reports please use the following steps…

Step 1. Go to any of the above mentioned report.

Step 2:

  1. Press Alt + V (or use “–V Product” button to open product wise report)
  2. Right click on report header
  3. Select Column Chooser, it will open a list 
  4. Drag “P Co” from the list and Drop it on Report Header, while it creates a box. 
  5. You can also save the report layout. Press F10 and enter a suitable name 
  6. To load a saved layout use F9  
  7. To set the current layout as the default one use F7 button 


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