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How to use ‘apply logic’ if we use Set of Matrix relation of a product during purchase?

Answer: Please use the following steps to use apply logic with Set of Matrix relation of a product during purchase.

Step1: Create a matrix relation for the product

Step2: Creating purchase entry with apply logic

  1. Go to Main Menu > Purchase Management > Transaction > Purchase Invoice (P > T > P)
  2. Select Supplier Name and other details.
  3. Go to Product field
  4. Alt + L
  5. Select that product for which, you created a matrix relation of sizes.
  6. Enter details of Purchase Rate, Mark Up, Percent-, Percent+, MRP etc.
  7. Press Ok.
  8. Come to the Quantity field of every column.
  9. Enter the quantities.
  10. Enter discount (if required)
  11. Go to Color field
  12. Press Alt + L.
  13. Select Color from the list.
  14. Go to Design field.
  15. Type the Design manually.
  16. Press Ctrl + A from your keyboard to apply logic on this purchase entry
  17. A new pop up window will appear
  18. Enter the difference amount
  19. Ok
  20. Save


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