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Is it possible to view the Street Name & Street No during Customer selection?

Now it is easy to identify and short list the street names of customers for deliveries. In order to get street name and street no fields in Customer Selection list, please follow the steps as given below; 

Step 1:  Do the following modifications in List Editor:

  1. Go to  Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > List Editor (T>A>L)
  2. Select “Customer List” in “List Name” field by pressing ‘Alt+L’
  3. Now go to “Column Name” field & choose (by pressing ‘Alt+L’) “Street Name” and “Street No” respectively from the list.
Adding Street Name N Street No in Customer List

For more detail please check the link given below;


Step 2:  Customer List in Restaurant Sale:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Transaction > Sale Invoice (Touch POS) (S>T>T)
  2. Open any table
  3. Press “C” to select a customer
  4. Click on “List” option to get list of customers 
  5. Now in Heading “Street Name” and “Street No has been displayed.
Street Name N Street Number in Cust Selection of Sales Invoice Touch POS

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