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Is it possible to view multi location data status along with connectivity status of the branches?

Scenario: I want to see Multi Location Data Status along with connectivity status of any branch.


Solution: This can be done by viewing IP sent difference time and IP received difference time. In order to implement this, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > System Report > ML Status (T>S>S).
  2. Press ‘Alt + F3’ from the keyboard to open column chooser.
  3. Select (by double clicking) “Outbox Data”, “IP Last Recd”, “IP Last Send”, “IP Send Diff”, “IP Recd Diff”, “IP Send Diff (Min)”, “IP Recd Diff (Min)” and “Diff In Hrs” from “Column Chooser”.
  4. Select the cell “IP Send Diff (Min)” of any branch and press “Ctrl + K” from the keyboard.
  5. In the “Style Format Conditions Editor”, that appears, click “Add New” button.
  6. Set “Condition = Greater”, “Value1 = 5” and “Back Color = Red”.
  7. Click “Exit”.

(Note: According to the variables set above, if the IP Send Diff (Min) of the branch under consideration is greater than 5, then the concerned cell will turn red. This implies that the concerned branch is not connected.)

 Style Format Conditions Editor

Data Status


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