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How to see logged user detail?

One of my systems got corrupted. Now whenever I am trying to Log in FusionRetail 6 the software is giving a message “James User has already logged in from System Backoffice”. How to resolve this problem?


May be one of your user is still logged in, inside the database. Use the following steps to resolve the problem…

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > System Reports > Logged User Report (T> S> L)
  2. Here, you can find details of all logged user
  3. Find the username present in the report, but not really logged in.
  4. Select the row
  5. Press CTRL + D or use “^D Force Logout” button.
  6. It will ask you for confirmation, press “Yes” button
  7. This will force fully logout your user from the database.


Note: If the system is ON and the user is working in the software, then it is not possible to forcefully logout the user from the software. In such situation software will through an message “ In order to log off User : James, Please Shut Down Computer. : Backoffice”. Where James is the username and Backoffice is the station name.

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