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How to renumber a series of KOT?

Requirement:  I have deleted some of the sale bill. The KOT also gets deleted in turn.

Now the KOT series is not consistent i.e.  the series now have the missing numbers.  To remove the missing number I need to renumber the KOT series. 

Please follow the steps to renumber the KOT series. 

  • Go to KOT Analysis(Main > W > F > K)
  • Click on "-R Renumber" button or press Alt + R
  • Will get a message box which says "Do you want to renumber KOT?"
  • Select Yes at this box
  • Enter the desired starting number at "Enter Starting Number"
  • Click Ok or press enter
  • After completion of renumber it will show a message say "Renumber complete"

NOTE: It is not possible to start KOT number, every year with 1. The starting number should be greater than last year's Maximum Number. 
If you want KOT number to start with 1, you have to split data.


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