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How to split a backup file using WinRar?


Sending huge databases through emails often causes problems. In order to reduce the problems you can split the databases into many small parts. Let us see how to do it through WinRar software.

Step1: The WinRar software

If you don’t have the software you can download it from the following link:

Step2: Splitting the data base

  • Select the Database Backup.
  • Right click on the Backup file.
  • Select “Add to archive ” from the tooltip
  • Come to “Split to Volumes, bytes”.
  • Insert the value in bytes (e.g. if you want to split your database in 1 MB files enter 1048576 as because 1024 Byte = 1 KiloByte and 1024 KiloByte = 1 MegaByte)
  • Press OK.
  • WinRar will split your database accordingly
  • Now you can upload these small files easily and mail the links to the receiver.


Step3: Creating a proper backup from the splited Winrar files

  • Download all the part file, generated from the winrar splitting, in a folder (Please check if any file is missing).
  • Right click on the file named ‘filename.part001’ (where ‘filename’ will be the name of the file)
  • Select ‘extract here’.
  • Winrar will extract all the part files and create a single file in that folder.


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