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Sending data backup through e-mail.

Some time we have to mail our data back up to our distant branches and HO through email. But mail support only 10 MB of data. Is there any option to send heavy data backup through mail?



This is very difficult to send data backup through email. Data carrying capacity of email is very small. There are many third party tools and sites available for use through which we can upload heavy files (up to GB). We can use this third party tools and sites for uploading data backup free of cost.

  1. Upload your data backup
  2. Get the download link
  3. Mail that link

Followings are the list of some available free data uploading sites. You can use any one of them….


Free Data plans

Storage = Up to 500 MB (maximum storage of unused files = 90 days)

Storage = up to 5GB, (maximum storage of files = 5 days)

Storage = up to 100 MB

Storage = up to 10 GB, Max. Size per file = 200 MB 

Storage = up to 500 GB, Upload up to 50 files of any type, up to 2000MB each


There are also many other sites available with free online data uploading/downloading facility. You can use any of them.

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