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How to take backup of FusionRetail 6 data if the system got corrupted?


You may require emergency data backup in following situations

  1. The OS is corrupt or system is not booting
  2. The OS is running but FusionRetail 6 is not starting up
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express is not present.
  4. You do not know how to use SQL Server Management Studio Express to take backup.

Please use the following steps to take emergency backup of FusionRetail 6 data in case of emergency

First we have to stop the SQL Server if that is running. For stopping the SQL use the following step.

  • Go to Start > Run > Type net stop mssql$rancelabsse


  • Copy the data directory of the FusionRetail 6 database. (Usually C:\FusionRetail6\Data)
  • Make sure that the data files with extension .MDF and .LDF is present


** Once You have copied the above files to another computer or any safe place…

  • Install and Run FusionRetail 6
  • Use "Attach Database" option in Database Manager to attach this MDF file.

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