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Set new sale price of multiple products in one go.

Scenario: The principal company send us a discount chart. The chart contains product name and discount percentage. Do we have any option to change the sale price of all or few of the all products in one go?


Solution: In order to update the new sale price please follow the steps given below:


Step 1: Rules to be followed to import the Price List:

  1. You need to either use the existing price list or create a new one. Import will add OR update the products in existing price list. 
  2. Field list in the import form will show the followings:
    • Price List
    • Product Name
    • UPC / EAN
    • Disc %
    • Rate
    • Disc Amt

3.  The import file must have a column "price list", in this column use the exact name of the price list.

4.  The import (add OR update) will be based on "Product Name" OR "UPC / EAN". If you select both fields then it will work on "Product Name" and "UPC / EAN" will be ignored.

5.  Only one of the followings can be used at a time:

    • Disc %
    • Rate
    • Disc Amt

6.  If you select more than 1 of above fields, then import will work on priority "Disc %" then "Rate" then "Disc Amt"

7.  There is no need to import tax. If there is no tax defined in the price list, then it takes tax from product master.


Step 2: Import the Price List:

  1. From main menu go to the Import Data (T > I > I)
  2. Select “Price List” at “Import As” field from the list
  3. Select file type at “File Type” field from the list
  4. Set Yes / No for the fields “Data Including Header Row” and “Import Discrepancy Data” as the case may be
  5. Select the file name at “File Name” field as shown in the picture below
  6. Then click on “-I Import” button or press ALT + I
  7. On the successful import, it will show a message say “Price List Import Complete, Total Import = #”.

Price List Import

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