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How to import the stock transfer memo from the file created by DCU?


Please follow the steps given below to implement the task.

Step1: Using DCU (Data Capturing Unit)

  1. Scan the products using DCU.
  2. Download the file in Ms Excel format.
  3. Arrange the MS Excel file in the FusionRetail™ 6 specific format.

FusionRetail 6 format for importing Stock Transfer

Step2: Importing the Stock Transfer file

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data (T > I > I)
  2. Set “Import As = Stock Transfer”
  3. Set appropriate File Type.
  4. Set “Data Include Header Row = Yes”
  5. Set “Import Dependency Data = Yes”
  6. Come to File Name.
  7. Alt + L.
  8. Browse for the appropriate file.
  9. Select the Column Header.
  10. Press Alt + L.
  11. Choose appropriate headers from the list.
  12. Press Alt + I.
  13. Press Alt + L.
  14. Select Location in From field.
  15. Press Alt + L.
  16. Select Location in To field.
  17. Set “Status = Received / In Transit”.
  18. Press F10.

FusionRetail 6 format part2

FusionRetail 6 format for importinf DCU

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