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Can I import Customer details from excel file to FusionRetail 6?


Now you can import Customer Master from excel file. Create a MS Excel file with details of your customer and import the file in FusionRetail 6. Please use the following steps…

Step1: Creating the 'Customer Master' excel file

  • Create an Excel file with the following fields/columns


Customer’s account name

Allow Credit Sale

Set ‘Yes’ if you want to give credit sale to that customer else set it to ‘No’

Anniversary Date

Customer’s Anniversary Date

Birth Date

Customer’s Birth Date

Card Expiry Date

Customer’s card expiry date

Card Issue Date

Customer’s card issue date

Card Number

Customer’s card number, if you don’t need customized card number leave this column blank

Card Type Name

Enter Customer’s card type name. If Card type name does not exist FusionRetail 6 will create a new card type with that name. After importing the master you have to define the property of that card type.


Customer’s City name

Company Name

Customer’s company name


Customer’s country name

Customer Type

Customer type (e.g. Friend, Relative, V.I.P etc)

Default Price List

Default sale price list for the customer


Customer’s Email ID


Customer’s Fax Number

First name

Customer’s First Name

Last name

Customer’s Last Name

Link ID

Link ID of that customer with whom the current customer is linked


Customer’s Mobile Number

Opening point

Customer’s Opening Point


Customer’s Phone Number


Customer’s Picture1


Customer’s Picture2

POS Remarks

Point Of Sale remarks for the customer

Postal Code

Customer’s postal Code


Remark about the customer


Customer’s Salutation (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Dr. etc.)

Spouse name

Customer’s Spouse Name


Customer’s State

Street Address1

Customer’s address line 1

Street Address2

Customer’s address line 2

Street Address3

Customer’s address line 3


Customer’s Website


Step2: Importing the Customer master Excel File in FusionRetail 6

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data(T> I> I)
  2. Set “Import As= Customer
  3. Select file Type and provide other details
  4. Select the Excel file in File Name field
  5. Map all the columns properly
  6. Press Alt + I or use “– I Import” button, this will start the import process.


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