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Can I import physical Stock from excel file?


Now you can import physical stock from excel file. Take your physical stock in MS Excel file and import the file in FusionRetail 6. Please use the following steps…

Step1: Creating the Physical Stock excel file

Create an Excel file with the following fields/columns


Location name for which you are taking physical stock

Product Name

Name of the product

Product ChildID

Product Child ID (compulsory field)

Product ID

Product ID


Product’s Physical quantity (compulsory field)

UDF1 to UDF10

User defined fields of that product


UPC/EAN code (13 digit Universal code) of the product

User defined Code

User defined Code of the product

Vch Date

Vch date

Warehouse Name

Warehouse Name in which you want to take physical stock

Note: Product ChildID and Qty are compulsory fields.


Step2: Importing the Physical Stock Excel File in FusionRetail 6

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data(T> I> I)
  2. Set “Import As= Physical Stock
  3. Select file Type and provide other details
  4. Select the Excel file in File Name filed
  5. Map all the columns properly
  6. Press Alt + I or use “– I Import” button, this will start the import process.


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