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Is it possible to import Purchase Return from Excel file?


You can now import all of your Purchase Return from an excel file. To use this feature please use the following steps…

Step1: Create an Excel file with the following fields.


Account name of the supplier

Account Group Name

Account group name of the supplier


Location name


Enter narration here, if required

Other Chgs

Other charges

Other Disc

Other Discount

Product Child ID

Child ID of the product

Purchase Rate

Products purchase rate


Return Quantity


Round off amount


Purchase reference

Ref Date

Purchase reference Date

Tax Name

Tax name

Tax Value

Tax value

UDF1 to UDF10

User Defined fields

Vch Date

Voucher date

Warehouse Name

Warehouse name


Step2: Importing the Excel file in FusionRetail 6

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > ImportData(T>I>I)
  2. Set “Import As = Purchase Return”
  3. Select File Type from the list
  4. Set “Data include Header row = yes”
  5. Browse and select the excel file in File Name field. 
  6. Now map all the columns of the Excel file with the system defined ones. 
  7. Press Alt + I from your key board to start the import. 


  • "ProductChild ID" and "Qty" are mandatory fields
  • If selected "ProductChild ID" not present in Database then no Purchase Return will be created.
  • If Supplier name is not present in the database, new Supplier will be created from here.
  • If "Supplier Specific Return = Yes" then the Supplier you selected and the Supplier of the “ProductChild” must be the same, otherwise it will not get imported.
  • If "Supplier Specific Return = No" then it will Import all the suppliers you selected.
  • If no supplier selected then it will import according to the "Supplier" of the ProductChild.
  • New Product will not be imported from here.
  • If you enter "Rate" in excel file, then this will take that "Rate", otherwise it will take "Rate" from "ProductChild ID”.
  • If "Allow Return Without Purchase = No", then the ProductChild you Select must be from "Purchase".
  • Selected Warehouse will be imported from here. If No Warehouse selected then default warehouse will be imported. If the selected warehouse is not present in the database new Warehouse will be created from here.

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