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What will happens to my old data base of customer, their points and credit note?


Yes, you can import your old customer database with all of its detail, even with all of its opening points from FusionRetail 5.

Before importing you have to make little changes in customer detail. Please use the following steps…

Steps in FusionRetail5

  1. Go to Main Screen > CRM > Customer report
  2. Press Alt + X to export the report in excel file
  3. Change the CardID field to 6 digit (if CardID is ‘123’ change it to ‘000123‘) 
  4. If there is any blank field please fill it
  5. Save the file in your hard disk

Steps in FusionRetail6

  1. Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master(M>O>C)
  2. Go to Card Type field
  3. Ctrl + N 
  4. Create new card types with the old names, already used in Fusionretail5.
  5. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data (T> I> I)
  6. Set Import As = Customer
  7. Set File Type = Excel (97-2003 Format)
  8. Set  Data Include Header Row = yes
  9. Select Customer master file, created from FusionRetail5 customer master, in File Name field 
  10. Map all the field
  11. Map Closing Point of FusionRetail5 as Opening Point in FusionRetail6.
  12. Press Alt + I, it will import the customer master file in FusionRetail6.



Regarding Credit Note issue, as your database is purely new, all the accounts and their details will be new and the database will be fresh. There will be no reference of old data of FusionRetail5 in Fusionretail6.


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