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How to install Bixolon Ethernet configuration Driver?


Please use the following steps to install Bixolon Ethernet configuration Driver.


Step1: Installing Ethernet Configure Setup.exe

  1. click on the installation icon
  2. the following screen will appear, click on Next


Step2:  Now Install BXLVCOM4ETHERNET Installer Ver 1.0.1.exe

  • After accepting the license agreement click on next

  • Click on Install Button     


  • Click on Continue Anyway button it will lead to the success of the installation   



Step3: Configuring the IP of the Printer

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Go to Start > Programs >Bixolon > Configure and Execute Configure Tool. It will open the configure tool. Click on the Search Button to search the printer in the network.

  • It searches the printer automatically and defines all the fields. Please check the IP address it must be in the same domain as per the network.
  • The MAC address is showing in the left hand side (Board List).

  • After all the setting click the Setting button to save the setting.
  • Click the Exit Button to exit from this form.

Step4:Configuring the Virtual Port

  • Go to Start > All Programs > BIXOLON > BXLVCOM4NET > Configuration tool

  • Click on the OK button
  • Click on the “STEP-1 Printer search” button of the current screen this will search an Ethernet BIXOLON printer automatically.


  • Press the exit button to exit from this form.


Note: Your installation is complete now

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