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Import of Product Master from an excel file


Now you can import Product Master from excel file. Create a MS Excel file with details of your Products and import the file in FusionRetail 6. Please use the following steps…


Step1: Creating the Product Master excel file

Create an Excel file with the following fields/columns

Allow Operator Discount

Set “Yes” if you want to allow your customer to give discount, else set “No”

Alternate Unit

Select Alternate unit of the product, if you want to use.

Bin Location

Physical location of the product


Brand name of the product

Can Change Conversion

Set “Yes” or “No”

Conversion Factor

Set Conversion Factor


Product’s Department Name

Generate Product Child

Set “Yes” or “No” according to your choice

Generate Production From Sale

If you are using Product recipe set this option to “Yes” else set it to “No”

Group Name

Product’s Group Name

Item type

Set “Inventory – Finished” or “Inventory – Raw”

Matrix name

Select product’s matrix name

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity

Other Information

Set “Yes” or “No”


Name of Picture1 (copy the picture of the product in “C:\FusionRetail6\FR6Share\Photo\”) 


Name of Picture2 (copy the picture of the product in “C:\FusionRetail6\FR6Share\Photo\”)

PM Field 1 to PM Field 2

10 User Defined Fields for Product Master

POS: Ask Quantity

Set to “Yes” or “No”

POS: Ask Rate

Set to “Yes” or “No”

POS: Message

Message to be shown during sale

POS: Remarks

Remarks to be shown during sale

POS: Tag Along Item

Will be available soon

POS: Tag Along Item Quantity

Will be available soon


If set to “Yes” it will use First In First Out method.

Print Barcode

Set to “Yes” or “No”

Print Name

Product name which you want on print

Print Name (other)

Product name which you want on print, instead of Print Name

Product Coupon File

Name of Product Coupon File (copy the Coupon file of the product in “C:\FusionRetail6\FR6Share\FormatFiles\”) 

Product Discount

It is the Auto Discount given on products.

Product Name

Name of the Product

Product ID

Product ID

Quantity On Hand

Quantity On Hand

Reorder Level

Reorder Level

Reorder Quantity

Reorder Quantity

Safety Level

Safety Level

SP comm %

Sales Person Commission in Percentage

SP comm value

Sales Person Commission in Value

Standard Cost Price

Standard Cost Price of the product

Standard Sales Price

Standard Sales Price of the product

Stock Unit

Stock Unit of the product (select Gram, Kg, Pcs, Packet, Plate, Ltr. Etc.)

Sub Group

Product’s Sub group name


Substitute product for that product

Tax at purchase

Tax to be calculated at the time of  purchase

Tax at sale

Tax to be calculated at the time of sale


Universal Product Code

User Defined Code

User Defined Code

Weighing Scale Conversion

set “Yes” or “No”

Weighing Scale export

set “Yes” or “No”


Step2: Importing the Customer master Excel File in FusionRetail 6

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings >  Import & Export > Import Data(T> I> I)
  2. Set “Import As= Product
  3. Select file Type and provide other details
  4. Select the Excel file in File Name field
  5. Map all the columns properly
  6. Press Alt + I or use “– I Import” button, this will start the import process.


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