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How to install Bixolon Pole Display using OPOS Driver?

We have used the Bixolon OPOS driver to explain the concept of setting up poll display with FusionRetail 6. The setup is done in three phases

  1. We need to first install OPOS driver and test the device with it.
  2. Next we need to tell FusionRetail about the logical device name.
  3. Testing the setup


Setting up display with OPOS Driver.

  1. Connect the Poll Display with COM1 of the computer
  2. Download OPOS Driver from Bixolon web site
  3. Install the OPOS driver
  4. Start > Programs > BIXOLON OPOS Driver > OPOS Setup Utility
  5. Add Display and select Device (BCD-1000)
  6. Setting up poll Display Using OPOS Driver
  7. Enter “display” in the LDN field. We will use this LDN name in FusionRetail 6 in station setup.
  8. Check Health Setting up poll Display Using OPOS Driver
  9. Use check health and it should display welcome message at the display screen.
  10. Once the check health start working fine, proceed to next stage.


Setting up FusionRetail to work with above setup

  1. Go to station setup (Main > T > A > S)
  2. Open your current station in modify mode using Alt + L
  3. Note : To know your current station name press Alt + F9 on any screen to open about FR6 screen. You can find the station name from this screen. 
  4. FusionRetail 6 Create new device
  5. Go to Customer Display field and press Ctrl + N
  6. new_device_setup_OPOS_poll_Display
  7. Enter “display” in device name
  8. Select “Customer Display” in device type. 
  9. Save
  10. Come back to station setup using ESC key and select Display in Customer Display field.
  11. Save.


To test the above settings

  1. Go to Sale Invoice (Scan POS) from Main > S T S
  2. Enter items
  3. It will display item name, qty and price on the Poll Display.


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