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Daily Attendance

It is used to track and record attendance on daily basis. In this concern you can use Finger Print Scanner, Smart Card device etc. However, also you can enter daily attendance manually using Keyboard and Numpad functionality.

Here you have to enter attendance twice in a day, the very first input will be counted as actual time in and the very last input will be counted as actual time out, and the difference value of these will be counted as actual hours worked in a day. And the other values like Early In, Late In, Early Out, Late Out, Over Time, Short Time etc will be calculated accordingly.

Step 1: Setting up Attendance Voucher option:

    1. Go to the "Attendance Voucher" (E> T> A).
    2. Press 'Alt + O'.
    3. Set "Method of Input" as per your requirement and save pressing 'Alt + S'. Details are as follows;
Attendance Input
 Method of Input  
 Finger Print  Set this to enter daily attendance through a Finger Print Device
 Keyboard  Set this to enter daily attendance manually by keyboard
 Num Pad  Set this to enter daily attendance using Num Pad
 Smart Card Device  Set this to enter daily attendance through Smart Card Device


Step 2: Enter daily attendance:

    1. Go to the "Daily Attendance" (E> T> D).
    2. Enter attendance using the tool that has been chosen in "Attendance Voucher" option, E.g. Finger Print, Keyboard, Num Pad, Smart Card Device etc.


For more detail please check the links given below;

  1. Daily Attendance using Finger Print Scanner Device.
  2. Daily Attendance using Smart Card Device.
  1. Daily Attendance using Keyboard.
  2. Daily Attendance using Num Pad.



    • Attendance date is based on operating system date of the server. Changing the attendance date from the software is not possible.
    • Deletion or modification of daily attendance is not possible.


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