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Pay Sheet

In the "Pay Sheet" report you can see list of all employees along with Designation, Department, Attendance and Pay Head columns. In this report you can also see aggregate salary payable amount of all the employees and total salary payable amount to individual employees for a given period along with respective pay head amounts separately.
Pay sheet
Pay Sheet Buttons:

F2 Date

To change the report date range

-P Pay Slip

To view pay slip of the selected row

-E Expand

To expand line item

-C Collapse

To collapse line item

^P Print

To print the report

F10 Save View

To save currently displayed view

F9 Load View

To load a saved view

F12 Location

To change the location


To come out of the report

F1 Help

To get context sensitive help relating the current screen

^H Search

To use Show Auto Filter Row option

^K Formatting

To set conditional formatting

-K Add Column

To add a new column

-F8 Rpt Param

To set report parameter

-B Best Fit

To automatically adjust column width

F7 Set Default

To set currently displayed view as Default Register view

-F11 Chart

To display chart for on-screen data

F11 Pivot

To display register in Pivot format

Pay Sheet
Pay Sheet
Pay Sheet

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