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Creating Employee Master

An Employee Master is used to keep records of the employees.  Please follow the steps are given below to create an employee master; 

  1. Go to the “Employee Master” (M> P> E).
  2. Enter the name of the Employee in “Employee Name” field.
  3. Select a department in “Department” field. Using the department you can classify your employees based on their work profiles.
  4. Select a designation in “Designation” field. Using designation you can specify different roles and responsibilities for different types of employees and also you can classify them based on their job profiles.
  5. Set “Employee Code” like 001, 0001, 01A etc. It is unique and hence not possible to create an employee with duplicate code.
  6. Set other details as per requirement and then save.
Employee Master

Employee Name Enter the name of the employee.
Department Select a “Department” by pressing ‘Alt + L’ from the list. If there is no department in the list then press ‘Ctrl + N’ to create new department. You can create departments like Accounts, Marketing, Back Office, H.R., Admin, Technical Documentation etc. based on their job profile. While creating a department you must select “Department” in “List Name” field.
Designation Select a “Designation” by pressing ‘Alt + L’ from the list. If there is no designation in the list then press ‘Ctrl + N’ to create new designation. You can create designations like executive, manager, assistant manager etc. based on their job profile. While creating a department you must select “Designation” in “List Name” field.
Employee Code  Enter alphanumeric employee code.
Work Plan Select a “Work Plan” from the list by pressing ‘Alt + L’. If there is no work plan in the list then please create it from “Work Plan”
Date of Joining Enter the Date of Joining.
Blood Group Enter the Blood Group.
Gender Enter the Gender.
Birth Date Enter the Date of Birth.
Father/Mother Name Enter the name of father or mother.
Spouse Enter the name of spouse.
Anniversary Date Enter the date of anniversary. If you don’t want to enter the anniversary date then just skip this field using ‘downward arrow key’ from keyboard or ‘mouse pointer’
Street Address 1 Enter the Building / Door Number and name of street where resident is located. Break up the complete address in 3 lines as you like to print in the envelope, mailing labels etc.
Street Address 2
Street Address 3
City Select the City from the list. Press ‘Ctrl + N’ to add a new City Name (and the corresponding State). The name of the State & Country is displayed.  
Postal Code Enter the PIN (or ZIP) code of the Employee.
Phone Enter the phone number of the Employee.
Mobile Enter the mobile number of the Employee.
Email Enter the e-mail address of the Employee.
Remarks Enter any special note for the Employee for reference.
Statutory Details 
IT PAN No Enter PAN number of the Employee.
PF No Enter PF number of the Employee.
ESI No Enter ESI number of the Employee.
Bank Details 
Bank Name Enter bank name of the Employee.
Branch Name Enter branch name of the bank.
Account Name Enter bank account number.
MICR Code Enter MICR code of the bank.
Picture 1 You may Link up to two pictures of the employee (in the image formats, viz., gif and jpg). 
Picture 2

Employee Master Buttons:

-D Display

Click this or press ‘Alt + D’ to display all entries.


Click this or press ‘Alt + L’ to get the List of respective master.


Click Exit or press ‘Esc’ button to come out of the current screen.

-S Save

Click this or press ‘Alt + S’ to save the entry.

F1 Help

Click this or press ‘F1’ to get context sensitive help relating the current screen.

-F Finger Scan

Click this or press ‘Alt + F’ to enroll the employee with finger print scanner.

-C Assign Card

Click this or press ‘Alt + C’ to assign a smart card to employee.

Employee Master Button 1
Employee Master Button 2
Employee Master Button 3

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