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Renumbering a series of Voucher.

FusionRetail 6 does not automatically renumber the voucher numbers on deletion of a voucher.

The user has to run the renumbering process manually.

Steps to renumber the voucher numbers:

  1. Go to Main > Master Data Managment > Accounts > Voucher Type (M > A > V).
  2. To display the vouchers, press "Alt + D" from the keyboard.
  3. Select row of the voucher name you want to renumber. 
    Example : If you want to renumber purchase vouchers then select the purchase voucher row.
  4. Click '-R Renumber' button or press "Alt + R" to start the renumbering
  5. Click Yes when ask "Would you like to re-number Voucher?"
  6. Enter the date from which you want to renumber and then press Enter.

After renumber it will show you a report where you get the old voucher number along with new voucher number.



  • It is not possible to renumber voucher of branch location from HO or vice-versa.
  • You can renumber the voucher at their respective location and then export the data to HO.
  • It is mandatory to log off all users except the user who is doing the renumbering.


Tags: Voucher Type

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