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How do I swap the rooms when reservation is full?

Scenario: In case the reservation in a hotel is full but a Guest requests to change the room then the Room Swap feature is required to interchange the rooms.


  1. From main menu go to the Room Status (H > T > S)
  2. Open the Room Reservation which you want to swap with another
  3. Press CTRL + M or click “^M Move Room” button
  4. Now list of the all Vacant and Reserved rooms will appear. It will not show already checked in rooms in list.
  5. Select the room with which you want to swap and then press Enter key.
  6. Consequently, a message will show say "Swap room completed".



  • Swap Room will work only if both the rooms (From and To) is reserved. 
  • If Room selected from the list is vacant then normal Move room will work.
  • Room Swap will only be allowed with same room type. If it is tried between two different room types then following message will show say "Swap room can be possible in same room type".
  • After the swap, only Room Number will be changed where rest of the details will remain same with the respective Group Owner.
  • "From Room" length of stay should always be greater than or equal to "To Room". If "From Room" length of stay is smaller than "To Room" then following message will show say "Swap room not possible"


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